The Blue Ridge Fudge Lady
  • Mini Favor Gift Boxes (25 boxes)

    Please specify up to 2 fudge flavors to be inserted in the box. Chocolate flavors hold up the best!!!
    Please specify color ribbon for the outside of the box. If none, please specify none.
    Please specify any message you would like printed on the side label. No more than two lines. If none, specify none.

    These little favors are great for weddings and various parties. They are so cute and you can stick 2 sample size pieces of fudge (up to 2 types of fudge) in there. Box colors can come in Black, White, Gold and Silver. You can get any color ribbon as well. A message can be printed on the side label if you like as well. This is a great way to say thank you to customers, clients, etc.